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Infertility Clinic in Delhi

If you are facing problem in conceiving then fix an appointment with Infertility Clinic in Delhi and get the right treatment for the condition.

Tests for men

When it comes to fertility in a man, it is essential for a man to produce healthy count of sperms. These sperms should ejaculate effectively into the vagina of a woman and should travel and fertilize the egg.  Infertility tests performed for men aim to find out whether or not any of these procedures are impaired.  Besides general physical exam, your genitals might be examined as well. Given below are a few fertility tests for men.

Hormone testing – It is a blood test for determining the level of testosterone along with other male hormones.

Genetic testing – It is performed to find out whether or not there is any kind of genetic defect which is causing the issue of infertility.

Scrotal and transrectal ultrasound –This type of ultrasound helps in determining conditions like ejaculatory duct obstruction and retrograde ejaculation.

Tests for women

A woman is fertile only if her ovaries healthy eggs. Eggs must travel to fallopian tubes through reproductive tract and should join sperm to fertilize. This fertilized egg should travel on to the uterus, and then implant in the lining. Tests for female infertility aims in determining impairment in any of these processes!

You might have to undergo genera physical exam along with a gynaecological exam. Some of the tests for infertility in women are mentioned below:

Ovulation Testing –Blood test is done to find out whether or not you are ovulating.

Ovarian Reserve Testing –It is this test which helps in determining the quantity as well as quality of the eggs which are available for ovulation.

Imaging Tests –Hysterosonography is performed to see inside of the uterus which is not possible in regular ultrasound. Pelvic ultrasound looks for the presence of diseases in fallopian tube or uterine.

All the above slated are some of the tests which are performed for identifying the cause of infertility in men and women. However, tests are recommended only after examining the patient. Doctors at infertility clinic in Delhi discuss with the patient all these tests at length before deciding the sequence of the tests. 

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