Friday, 27 November 2015

Top sexologist in Faridabad

Consult top sexologist in Faridabad for Increasing sexual awareness

Sexual health is as important as any other aspect of your health. There are many people for whom discussing sexual wellness is off-limits. However those who have gone through sexual problems in their life know that they are not alone. Thousands, may be lacs of people, across the globe face issues is sex life because of some or the other reason. Even world Health Organization considers sexual wellness as important part of human well-being health.  From concerns such as how to have enjoyable and comfortable sex to questions related to sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention, there are several topics which are covered under the umbrella of sexual wellness. If you have any queries then top sexologist in Faridabad can help you.

It is important for you to have awareness about the basics of sex.

Reproductive issues–When it comes to sexual health, it is closely related to reproduction. Birth control choices as well as measures that couples need to take to avoid pregnancy for having healthy pregnancy are important part of sexual wellness.

Basic of sex–It is all about understanding the cycle of stimulation, desire and response improving sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction–There are several emotional as well as physical reasons why many men fail to achieve erection while having sexual intercourse.

Vaginal dryness– Women undergo changes in their lives like menopause, pregnancy or childbirth, there arises time when lubrications issues arise. Lack of lubrication makes sexual intercourse unpleasant as well as painful. However, there are treatments available for it.

Physical challenges–Health concerns, physical impairment and several other health conditions need medical attention so that you can have more than satisfying sexual intercourse.

Lack of desire–It is considered as one of the most common source of conflict among many couples. In this condition, one partner wants more sex than the other.

Facing sexual problems is something for which you need not get worried, instead consult top sexologist in Faridabad for the right treatment. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Get treated for female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is as worrying as male sexual problems. If you are suffering from the one then fix an appointment with Best Sexologist Doctor in India.

A lot is said about male sexual dysfunction. However, it is very important for one and all to know that females face the problem too. It is a condition in which partners fail to have desire to have sex. if a woman is suffering from the problem of sexual dysfunction then she will not be able to engage in a satisfactory sexual intercourse. This no desire to have sex is known as libido. It can occur because of problems arising due to lack of orgasms and the intercourse issues.    If you are one of those women who is bearing the brunt of this problem then without having to think much you can fix an appointment with the best sexologist doctor in India who can help you with the right treatment.

Sexuality is an important part of her social, physical, psychological and intellectual; well-being. It is through her sexuality that she expresses her feelings, love or admiration for her partner. Developing intimacy with partner is important for satisfactory sexual intercourse.  In fact, it is a source of pleasure for the couples. In fact, it becomes a powerful source of communication. There can be several reasons for the problem. May be because of health issues, injury or psychological concerns she fails to enjoy sex. It is important for females to know that sexual dysfunction can affect women of all age groups. Hence, it becomes extremely important for both partners to understand the intensity of problem and consult the sexologist without much of the delay. According to a study conducted, it has been established that near about forty percent of women between eighteen to ninety years of age suffer from the problem. You are not the alone if suffering from one.

There are many women who complain of vaginal dryness. In such a situation, they are suggested to make use of lubricants while having sexual intercourse. There are several sexual lubrications and vaginal cream which are available in the market. Depending on the condition, some sexologists might recommend Kegel exercise which helps in increasing the strength of vaginal muscles so that woman can have more pleasure while involving in the sexual intercourse. There is variation in the problems; hence doctors recommend the treatment only after performing a comprehensive medical examination. Instead of hesitation, and not sharing everything with the doctor, make sure that you share everything which is being asked as it will help in recommending the best available treatment.

In the last few years, number of women suffering from the problem of sexual dysfunction has skyrocketed.  It is really concerning for one and all. The rate at which the number of such patients is increasing is alarming too. However, you need not worry provided you are able to get in touch with the right and experienced sexologist who can help in treating such problems.  Remember that choosing the best sexologist doctor in India can help you deal with the problems, and prescribe the treatment which is best for your present condition. Get the right treatment by choosing experienced sexologist. 

Bestsexologist doctor in India at Gautam Clinic are known to provide treatment for female sexual dysfunctions.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Infertility Clinic in Delhi

If you are facing problem in conceiving then fix an appointment with Infertility Clinic in Delhi and get the right treatment for the condition.

Tests for men

When it comes to fertility in a man, it is essential for a man to produce healthy count of sperms. These sperms should ejaculate effectively into the vagina of a woman and should travel and fertilize the egg.  Infertility tests performed for men aim to find out whether or not any of these procedures are impaired.  Besides general physical exam, your genitals might be examined as well. Given below are a few fertility tests for men.

Hormone testing – It is a blood test for determining the level of testosterone along with other male hormones.

Genetic testing – It is performed to find out whether or not there is any kind of genetic defect which is causing the issue of infertility.

Scrotal and transrectal ultrasound –This type of ultrasound helps in determining conditions like ejaculatory duct obstruction and retrograde ejaculation.

Tests for women

A woman is fertile only if her ovaries healthy eggs. Eggs must travel to fallopian tubes through reproductive tract and should join sperm to fertilize. This fertilized egg should travel on to the uterus, and then implant in the lining. Tests for female infertility aims in determining impairment in any of these processes!

You might have to undergo genera physical exam along with a gynaecological exam. Some of the tests for infertility in women are mentioned below:

Ovulation Testing –Blood test is done to find out whether or not you are ovulating.

Ovarian Reserve Testing –It is this test which helps in determining the quantity as well as quality of the eggs which are available for ovulation.

Imaging Tests –Hysterosonography is performed to see inside of the uterus which is not possible in regular ultrasound. Pelvic ultrasound looks for the presence of diseases in fallopian tube or uterine.

All the above slated are some of the tests which are performed for identifying the cause of infertility in men and women. However, tests are recommended only after examining the patient. Doctors at infertility clinic in Delhi discuss with the patient all these tests at length before deciding the sequence of the tests. 

Gautam Clinic is a reliable and reputed InfertilityClinic in Delhi where you can get the best treatment for infertility.


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sexual problems can now be cured!

There are many people who are facing issues in their sex life. If such issues persist then consulting the best sexologist doctor can help a person overcome the problems in the easiest possible way.

The rise in number of sexual problems has led to the increasing demand of sexologists who can help people improve their sexual health. For those who are looking for the right treatment for sexual problems can now get in touch with Gautam Clinic where one can find the best sexologist doctor. The clinic has been established with an objective to cater to the needs of those who are suffering from any kind of sex issues in their life. They strive to provide treatments which can help individuals in improving quality of life.

Sexual problems are many, and vary from one individual to the other. Hence what is important is to choose the right doctor who can recommend the right treatment.  Instead of worrying much about the problem which is affecting sex life, is not better to fix an appointment with them? The more you delay the treatment, the more things might become difficult and complex for an individual. When one gets in touch with them, he/she can be assured to undergo treatment after complete examination.

Being the best sexologist doctor, they make sure that patient gets the best treatment. They have best of the equipment and technology then it comes to treating different sex related problems. No matter with which type of sexual problem one is suffering from, they can provide the right treatment. They perform a series of tests to find out the problem which one is facing. They make sure that patients who visit them feel comfortable. Also they keep in mind the privacy of the patient. Gautam Clinic is the address for those who are not satisfied with their sex life.

Gautam Clinic is one of its kind clinics where patients can get the right treatment for any kind of sex problem they are facing. They have latest medical equipment to treat condition.